“Bhai-Lang”, New Programming Language 2023

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we are going to give you information about “Bhai-Lang”, New Programming Language and all types of
in this post.

Bhai-Lang” Works like other Computer Programming Lanugage,
like HTML, CSS, C++ etc. and has its own GitHub Page.

A New Programming Langauge is taking the internet by storm. “Bhai-Long” 2
Indian Developers Aniket Singh from Amazon a> “” to Language.BhaiIt is written in Typescript and in English with hi, bye and other words in Hindi. Connects “” is the Indian word for Brother.Bhaiby Rishabh Tripathiis a toy programming language created and

Typescript is an open source programming language developed by Microsoft
and first released in 2012. It is designed to add type safety to JavaScript as closely as possible to the syntax and semantics of the ECMAScript standard.

Simple program in Bhai-Long Language

hi brother
 bol bhai "Hello World";
  brother this is a = 3;
  brother this is b = 0;

  when tak bhai (b < 5) {
    बोल भाई ब;

    if brother (b == a) {
      bol bhai "b is equal to a";
    } nahi to bhai (b == 0) {
      bol bhai "b is equal to zero";

    b += 1;

bye brother

Output :

It is a syntactical superset of the Javascript programming language;
All Valid TypeScript source code is also valid TypeScript source code, but
Not vice versa. TypeCosting compiles (or transpiles) JavaScript, which
means it can be used to utilize any JavaScript environment. It can be used to develop JavaScript for both client-side and server-side applications.

Like Java and other programming languages, “Bhai-Lang” also has Syntax.
But every instruction of Langauge contains the word ‘Bhai’.

Error in Bhai-lang language

The official website of the language says that the starting point of the code starts with “hi bhai” and the syntax ends with “bye bhai”. All code written inside these tags will be valid while everything outside it will be ignored. And when anyDeveloper /coder mistakes, the prompt shows error “Arre Bhai Bhai Bhai!!!”

Error_Simple program in Bhai-Lang

hi brother
 bol bhai "Hello World";
  brother this is a = 3;
  brother this is b = 6

  brother this is sum = a+b;
  bol bhai sum;

bye brother

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