How to Link Pan Card in Aadhaar Card

Hello Friends, welcome to our blog TheNewThink. Today in this post we will discuss how to link PAN Card to Aadhaar Card goes.To link any Pan Card in Aadhaar Card For this, first of all we need Pan Card Name and Aadhaar Card Name should combine both.

If both have the same name. So we can link Pan Card to Aadhaar Card . a>

How to link Aadhaar Card to PAN Card

To link Pan Card to Aadhaar Card, first of all we go to Google. And search for eFiling there.

Which is the Officialwebsite of Pan Card. You can also through the given link on the official website of PAN Card Can go.As soon as we search eFiling. So that takes us to a new page. Many website links are given there.

Let us click on the link Income Tax Department. And we go to the home page of Pan Card Official website .

After going to the Home Page, we go under Quick Links and we get an option of Link Aadhaar . And we have to click on the link Aadhaar.

After clicking on Link Aadhaar , it takes us to a new page. And some important information has to be filled there.

In the first box, we have to fill the number of Pan Card . And just below that we have to fill Aadhaar Number .

After filling Aadhaar Number, we will get whatever name is there in our Aadhaar Card . That has to be filled. And we have to fill the name very carefully.

After that we have to fill any one mobile number. After that we have to click on two check boxes. And click on LinkAadhaar. And after some time the Pan Card gets linked to the Aadhaar Card.

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