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The book ‘The Love Hypothesis’ by Ali Hazelwood has become the best romance book of the year. Even though it was just published in September 2021, it quickly became fans’ favorite, with 88% of reviews as good. It has also got four or five stars level praise.

The Book was also nominated for the Good Readers Choice Award and is highly popular among Book of the Month members, with only 1% of readers giving it a dislike rating.

The book ‘The Love Hypothesis’ is about Olivia Smith, a third-year Ph.D. student studying pancreatic cancer at Stanford University. To convince one of her best friends that she’s moved on from an old crush, she impulsively kisses Dr. Adam Carlson, the department’s notorious brutal professor.

After the skis, Adam and Olive agree to face a relationship so that she can prove to her friend that Olive is happily sitting, and he has alsoconvinced their department that he is not planning to leave anytime soon.

The reason why ‘The Love Hypothesis’ is one of the popular romance books

  1. The story of ‘The Love Hypothesis’ focuses a lot on Adam’s and Olive’s lives outside their romance, which makes their love story more interesting and believable

Romance novels generally fall in a few popular tropes like forbidden love or enemies to lovers. The novel ‘The Love Hypothesis combines two of the most famous tropes right now, i.e., ‘grumpy/sunshine’ and ‘fake dating’ really well, and readers love the contrast between Adam’s severe attitude and Olivia’s bright and sugary one.

However, despite following these tropes, the story also feels fresh as it largely concerns Olive’s work and its meaning to her.

This romance story honestly reflects the challenges faced by Ph.D. students in academia and that the author’s personal experience deepens authenticity. It helped to bring the characters, the settings, and the romance to life even more as Adam and Olivia faced some challenges with funding, questioning their sense of purpose and time-consuming research.

  1. The steamier scenes are also awkward but realistic, which makes them extraordinary.

In romance books, there are various levels of how graphic a steamy scene can go, from minor to no detail to explicitly outlined movements. Only one chapter contained adult content, and it was definitely a graphic one. You will love that it is not a movie made of perfect sex scenes with graceful movements and smooth dialogue. The location was awkward and imperfect but full of consent and conversation, making it refreshingly honest.

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  1. The Novel deals with other topics along with the central love story, which makes it a much deeper read

While getting swept in the magic of a romantic storyline is fantastic, having a secondary plot that addresses a fundamental issue makes any romance novel genuinely great.

The novel takes the opportunity to incorporate conversation regarding serious issues. In contrast, these topics can be challenging for some readers. Defining problems and love emotions ideally takes this novel to the next level and makes it a five-star read.

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